Reports to: Past-President  
  Membership Requirement: Full or Associate Member  
  Voting Privileges: Voting  
  Term: Minimum of one (1) year  
  Term Limit: n/a  
  Source: Appointed by the President  
Current Programs
  • Lobby Day

Committee Leadership

  • Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • Participate in Strategic Communications Meetings to contribute to the development of the annual theme and its implementation via ASLA-MN programs
  • Prepare an annual plan with goals, tasks, timelines and budget for the year. Present plan and budget to Executive Committee for approval and inclusion in the Chapter plan and budget. (eta Nov)
  • Form a team as necessary to provide support for timely completion of committee tasks
  • Adhere to the ASLA-MN Expense Reimbursement Policy
  • Develop a communications/marketing plan for each activity, including as appropriate; e-blasts, social media posts, printed postcards, onsite registration materials, etc. with timely implementation for recipient planning
  • Update the annual plan, timelines and budget projections at year-end based on lessons learned and/or new initiatives implemented; meet with incoming Directors after elections to pass on files and review processes

Committee Advocacy:

  • Government Policy and Budgeting
  • Professional Issues
  • Sustainable Design
  • Community Outreach
  • Joint Professionals Committee (JPC)
  • AEGSLAGID Licensure

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