An architecture giant and a global mobility strategy company rethink how we live, work, and play

Picture this: Urban condos that offer ride-sharing services instead of parking spots. A decommissioned city-center airport reimagined into a multi-use destination with restaurants, entertainment, residences, bike paths, rail lines, and generous greenspace. A Middle Eastern city redesigned to use buildings to channel breezes for pedestrians and provide shade at intersections. All of these advancements, thanks to two companies—Perkins + Will and Nelson\Nygaard, which announced their merger today in an exclusive to Fortune—are here now, not visions of tomorrow.

P+W is a global award-winning sustainable design and architecture firm. Nelson\Nygaard is an international firm known for its strategic solutions around transit services, traffic patterns, ride-share businesses, parking technologies and alternative-use zones. The partnership meets at the intersection of urban design and mobility, which in turn is literally shaping cities of the future.

“We think about physical design, and Nelson/Nygaard thinks about how people move through spaces,” says Perkins + Will CEO Phil Harrison. “More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. As urbanity and density increase, cities are asking themselves how to have the best, most vibrant areas to attract talent. Transportation is always an ingredient in those conversations, and with this merger, we are better equipped to engage in those conversations.”