Reports to: Executive Committee  
  Membership Requirement: Full Member  
  Voting Privileges: Voting  
  Term: One (1) years  
  Term Limit: n/a  
  Source: Annual Election  
  Requires a strong knowledge of ASLA-MN Organization and Operations. Serves preceding 1 year as Chapter President Elect. Provides management of the chapter to ensure that the chapter meets minimum service requirements and responds to member needs. Maintain communications and responsibilities to ASLA and the Chapter Presidents Council.  


  • Fulfill job responsibilities as prescribed by ASLA and outlined in the Chapter Operations Workbook section of the ASLA website (


  • Serve as leader for the Chapter Executive Committee and Chapter Officers including the Executive Director


  • Maintain a strong relationship with Chapter Officers and Executive Director.
  • Oversee chapter committees through the Directors of: Awards & Banquet, Communications, Public Relations and Programs


  • Set the time, place, and agenda for meetings of the Executive Committee
  • Call special meetings of the Chapter
  • Preside at meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Committee
  • Represent and act for the Chapter as directed by the Executive Committee and consistent with the policies of the Society as established by the Board of Trustees
  • In consultation with the Executive Committee, appoint the chairs and members of standing committees, other committees, and any special study groups or task forces; dismiss appointees for failure to act or other cause; serve as a member of the Chapter Presidents Council
  • Oversee the management and administration of Chapter programs and budgets as adopted by the Executive Committee
  • Designate and relieve an acting president
  • Appoint interim trustees when vacancies occur during term
  • Provide supporting statements to the Society for Emeritus Status, Limited Status, Temporary Limited Status, and Waiver of Dues applicants
  • Report on the state of the Chapter at the annual meeting of the Chapter
  • Perform such other duties as are customary for the office of chapter president, or as may be assigned or delegated by the Executive Committee

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