Reports to: President  
  Membership Requirement: Full or Associate Member  
  Voting Privileges: Voting  
  Term: Two (2) years  
  Term Limit: n/a  
  Source: Annual Election  
  The secretary has the primary duty of keeping the records (election results, membership in the chapter, recorder of the minutes, chapter constitution and bylaws updates) and to act as liaison between the other members of the chapter executive committee.  


  • Fulfill job responsibilities as prescribed by ASLA and outlined in the Chapter Operations Workbook section of the ASLA website (


  • Serve as an officer of the Chapter
  • Serve as an ex officio member of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee/Government Affairs

Official Forms and Correspondence
Ensure that official forms and correspondence are properly recorded, kept secure, that official documents are filed on time and that all other formal requirements are met.

  • Record and distribute minutes of official meetings of the organization
    • Take notes at monthly executive committee meetings, executive committee retreat, or other special meetings as directed by the executive committee. Type and distribute draft to executive committee prior to next month’s meeting for errors and assigned tasks and upload final draft to ASLA-MN website

Administer the ASLA-MN annual and special elections

  • Communicate election schedule to Executive Committee based on bylaws
  • Coordinate Nominating Committee and develop election slate
  • Coordinate the preparation and administration of election ballots via paper or electronic voting

ASLA-MN Member and Executive Committee Rosters

  • Manage ASLA-MN membership roster via electronic download from ASLA's website; distribute to the Executive committee on a monthly basis
  • Maintain Executive Committee roster for distribution to members including terms and contact information

File State Registration Documents

  • Perform annual registration of ASLA-MN (MASLA) every year (January) through the Minnesota Secretary of State Department, filing number O-165

Chapter Bylaws and Constitution

  • Serve as member of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee
  • Maintain the Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter

Storage / Inventory

  • Track and manage chapter inventory held in storage