Reports to: President  
  Membership Requirement: Full or Associate Member  
  Voting Privileges: Voting  
  Term: Two (2) years  
  Term Limit: n/a  
  Source: Annual Election  
  Responsible for management of Chapter financial records/accounts and Chapter financial development.  

Fulfill job responsibilities as prescribed by ASLA and outlined in the Chapter Operations Workbook section of the ASLA website (

Serve as an Officer of the organization


  • Oversee the Chapter’s finances and develop additional revenue streams
  • Collect all fees, dues, charges, and other funds due the Chapter
  • Be the custodian of all Chapter funds and disburse such funds only as authorized by the Executive Committee
  • Keep the accounts of the Chapter that shall be open at all times to inspection by the Executive Committee
  • Present quarterly reports on the financial condition of the Chapter and year-end financial statements to the Executive Committee and to the membership through the newsletter or other available media
  • Perform such other duties as are customary for the office of chapter treasurer or as may be assigned or delegated by the president
  • Develop annual budget in consultation with the Executive Committee
  • Provide necessary reports to the Audit Committee and assist as needed
  • Review and sign annual taxes

Financial Development

  • Work with Chapter Officers and Directors to identify additional revenue streams
  • Identify opportunities for financial partners, corporate, non-profit, academic, etc. who share common goals and benefit Chapter members. Solicit involvement in accordance with Executive Committee direction.
  • Source funds and methods for developing a 501c3 charitable foundation

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