Watershed districts
Watershed districts have rules which force parking lots into a green design.

Minnesota Stormwater Manual
Maintained by the MPCA

EPA Green Parking Lots Resource Guide

Example of a high level green parking lot design
Met Council at the Park and Ride at TH36 and Rice Street
Systems are interconnected:

  • Storm chamber detention vault
  • Swirl chamber
  • Stockholm soil tree vaults
  • Iron filings infiltration pond
  • Interception of storm water for thermal cooling
  • Utilizing trees for parking lot and car cooling


ASLA has collected over 450 Green Infrastructure Case studies from communities across the country, including a number of parking lot projects.  Here are all of the case studies:

Here are the Minnesota specific case studies including a few parking lot projects:

ASLA gave San Mateo County (CA) a Planning Award in 2011 for their Green Streets and Parking Lots Design guide